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KC Schools, A Case Study in Liberal Stupidity

March 13, 2010

…the KC school system is broke and has to close down half its schools.  This, after a court-ordered $2 billion injection.
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Is Capitalism Evil?

March 12, 2010

To paraphrase Steve Forbes:  If government run business was better than privately run business, then Communist Russia would have won the Cold War.
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Unfortunately – and thanks to neglect and a preponderantly socialist academic establishment – the concept of capitalism and its benefits are not taught in our schools, and we are now paying the price.
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“We must pass the bill to find out what’s in it.”

March 12, 2010

Say what??? House Speaker Nanzi Pelosi actually made this statement – in front of a camera no less to memorialize her idiocy for all posterity.
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Albany budget solution: borrow $2 billion/year for the next 3 years

March 11, 2010

Albany has been exploiting loopholes in existing constitutional borrowing restrictions for decades.
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Instead of cutting obvious waste, political pork and the extravagant public sector pay and benefits that are killing this state  the idiots in Albany choose instead to drive NY further into debt.

EU’s ‘carbon fat cats’ get rich off trading scheme

March 5, 2010

Europe’s system for industrial carbon quotas has enriched the continent’s biggest polluters, with ten firms together reaping permits for 2008 alone worth 500 million euros, a new report revealed.
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This is yet more proof that stupid socialist carbon trading schemes benefit only the traders and do nothing for the environment.