23 Points to Save America

23 Points to Save America

  1. Truth — the unvarnished, non-manipulative, forthcoming kind — must no longer a stranger inside the Beltway.
  2. Contracts must once again honored, words kept, and the government must stop invalidating valid contracts.
  3. The government must get off small businesses’ backs and allows them to create real jobs.
  4. People must go back to saving for home down payments and making sacrifices in order to own homes. Those who will not save or sacrifice go back to renting.
  5. Soldiers must no longer be prosecuted for bloodying terrorist lips and they must no longer accused of murder (without evidence) by members of Congress.
  6. Soldiers must become more important than politics or a socialist agenda.
  7. Rules of engagement must be changed to allow our soldiers to fight to win and come home.
  8. The government must stop “helping” the economy by creating jobs that are paid for by the real job-creators.
  9. Failure must once again punished in the marketplace instead of rewarded in Washington. That will scale back unreasonable pay more than any pay czar ever could.
  10. The president must appoint cabinet members who have solid private-sector experience. 
  11. Voters must begin the process of enacting a constitutional amendment for term limits. Until said amendment passes, require every candidate to sign a binding personal services contract to serve no longer than three terms in the House or two terms in the Senate. Heavy penalties should apply to transgressors.
  12. Viable candidates with private-sector experience must come forward to run for Congress. Any party? Anyone?
  13. American voters must learn the difference between eloquence and intelligence, education and experience, and charm and leadership.
  14. Too-big-to-fail businesses must be allowed to fail or become smaller. 
  15. Voters must wake up from a prolonged slumber and become an informed citizenry once again.
  16. Legislative and executive branches of government must learn that you cannot tax your way out of massive debt.
  17. Taxpayers must begin to starve the beast that has been created in Washington.
  18. Freedom and national security must no longer be sacrificed on the altars of social justice, diversity, and tolerance.
  19. We must only negotiate with terrorist and dictator regimes from a position of strength, not one of appeasement and apology.
  20. Marxist voter-manipulation groups like ACORN must lose taxpayer funding permanently, not just temporarily.
  21. Political correctness must rudely be swept out of the halls of Congress, out of airports, out of classrooms, and out of businesses so that leaders can govern, business leaders can run businesses, security forces can target terrorists instead of luggage, and teachers can teach. 
  22. Lawyers and politicians must be removed from doctors’ offices, hospitals, and our health care delivery system.
  23. Current politicians with no private-sector experience or scientific background must stop believing that they are smart enough to run the American economy or change the weather.

paraphrased from American Thinker’s “Bucket List for America

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