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Threats to Earth: Little-Known Ecological Hazards

April 22, 2010

This article should be called 3 Little-Known Ecological Hazards. It gives the truth on mobile devices, batteries and biofuel – but the climate change BS used to declare concrete, the internet, parks and pets as hazardous to the environment is laughable. Still, some useful info…
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Climategate gets a whitewash

April 18, 2010

Global Warming: The first probe into the integrity of the science being conducted at the Climatic Research Unit is in and nothing’s changed. Those who created and perpetuated this sham are not called into account.
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White supremacists rally sparks violent clashes Los Angeles

April 18, 2010

Police officers stood between the white supremacists and counter-demonstrators on the south lawn of Los Angeles’ City Hall, where about 50 members of the National Socialist Movement waved American flags and swastika banners for about an hour.
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Editor’s Note:  The leftist American media didn’t cover this event at all (which is no surprise.) That’s because leftist American media, like our leftist President Obama, have at least one thing in common with the idiots that staged this racist rally – they’re all Socialists!

Tea Party Crash fizzles out

April 17, 2010

After several days of hype and hand-wringing about liberal plans to infiltrate Thursday’s tea party rallies, the great 2010 Tax Day Tea Party Crash did not produce much of a bang in Washington.
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