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Socialism (is) for dummies

March 25, 2011

“…in every country where it has existed, it has inevitably led to loss of liberty, widespread poverty and mass murder on a scale that has no parallel in human history.”
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ABC, CBS, MSNBC, NBC and NPR Ignore Death Threats to Wisconsin Republicans

March 13, 2011

Numerous death threats were made against Wisconsin Republican lawmakers last week, but you wouldn’t know about it if your only news sources were ABC, CBS, MSLSD, NBC, and NPR.
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Six-Figure Bus Drivers and Other Working-Class Heroes

March 11, 2011

Can we stop acting as if people who work for the government are the heroes of working people? Why do public sector employees get absurd overtime pay? Why don’t they pay for their own health insurance? Why do they get to retire at age 45 with a guaranteed pension of 65 percent of their last year’s pay — as state police in New Jersey do?
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Hope and Change: Gas Prices Have Gone Up 67 Percent Since Obama Became President

March 10, 2011

This is the President that appointed a Secretary of the Interior that famously said he didn’t mind if gas hit $10 a gallon.
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The pathetic state of education in America

March 4, 2011

Five stories that illustrate how schools are run by “educrats” and common sense is on permanent vacation:

Boy Arrested After Allegedly Threatening Bullies, Father Outraged

Student calls police after Atherton math teacher rattles table

School Apologizes For Elementary ‘Slave Auction’

Attorney asks judge to dismiss charges against former teacher Larry Twigg

Class sex toy demonstration causes controversy