Environmental Politics

How about if we sue you for breathing?
The New Climate Litigation

> U.S. Unlikely to Use the Ethanol Congress Ordered

Much of the environmental movement is about redistributing tax dollars for special interest projects, while fundamentally transforming our nation under the banner of environmental “justice.” What it’s really about is tyranny.
> ‘The Light of Day’ Exposes the Green Movement’s Roots in Tyranny

Greenpeace started out purporting to “save the Earth” but quickly transitioned into a leading purveyor of anti-capitalist hatred of America. The list of Greenpeace lies and alarmist exaggerations is tediously long and thoroughly maddening. A few examples: 
> Greenpeace Lies About Apple
> Greenpeace Leader Admits Arctic Ice Exaggeration
> The Story of Lies: Greenpeace in Your Kid’s School

Scientific American used to be a great magazine but like any publishing venture headquartered in New York, it has gradually drifted into liberal never-never-land.
Unscientific American

> EnvironMENTAL Illness!

This movie (along with Supersize Me) should be mandatory viewing for every school kid in America:
Not Evil, Just Wrong movie
I don’t agree with the title of this move though because making untold millions by spreading alarmist lies IS evil. Can you hear me Al Gore?

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